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Looking for Kitchen Space to Share / Lease

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Small start up cheesecake company looking for space to bake in, need to share / lease space with ovens, mixer, work space and cooler space. If there is any one that needs some extre money to help out and I can share a space 3 or 4 times a week. Please help me out, need to get rolling.




Originally posted by simplysimonscc

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13 Comments for Looking for Kitchen Space to Share / Lease

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0 stars Posted on Oct, 11, 2013   

I am interested. Please email me @

Kitchen Catering
0 stars Posted on Jan, 18, 2013   

I am looking for shared kitchen in chicago or western suburbs. The hours needed are 3am until 6:30 am.  There are a few places available for the rent is steep for my new business. I need someone who can negotiate with me for a few months. In addition, many business are turned off becasue Chicago requires the owner to have a shared license which is $660 for two years. - Help my clients are growing but I need a commerical kitchen to get started.

You can contact me at

anna-charm pub
0 stars Posted on Nov, 28, 2010   

Hi, we have a brand new kitchen with all new equpiment in Chicago (Lawrence Ave/Cicero Ave) We also have storage and refrigeration area that can be used. You can e-mail me and see it ASAP, 

0 stars Posted on Jul, 7, 2008   

We have a commercial kitchen for rent in Wheaton, IL (western suburb). Email if you would like more information.

Now We're Cookin'
0 stars Posted on Apr, 14, 2008   

Now We're Cookin' has shared kitchen space for rent by the shift.  Take a tour - it is a great space! Call 847-570-4140 for information

0 stars Posted on Mar, 24, 2008   

Have you tried Kitchen Chicago or Now We're Cooking in Evanston?

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