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A Personal Chef

I know you are probably asking yourself the question - Do you need a Personal Chef Service?  Well...

Are you:

  • Tired of eating out every night?
  • Too busy or too tired to cook?
  • Tired of the question, "What's for dinner?"
  • Do you want to improve your eating habits but don't have the time?
  • Would you like to have some meals put away for those nights you're too tired to cook?
  • Do you have a palate for delicious cuisine but are all thumbs in the kitchen?
  • Do you like to host in home parties but, dislike the preparation and clean up?

If your answer to any of the above was "YES", then you need a Personal Chef! And if you live in the Chicago and Metro Chicago area(s), then Catering To Your Whims... Personal Chef Service can fill your needs.

With today's economy more and more folks are finding themselves with less and less time for the mundane domestic activities. And cooking dinner takes a lot of time—especially if you want to eat right.

How much time would you spend to prepare a proper menu that includes healthful foods? One to two hours? And then how long in the grocery store? Another two hours? And then you have to cook the food—every night! Another hour or so, daily.

Truthfully, if you count up all those hours just spent around eating, you're looking at easily ten hours or more every week—not including breakfast and lunch!

OK, so you'll eat out. Where? The same place you ate last night? And the night before? And the cost! How much would you pay for a meal that won't spread your hips or make you lose energy an hour later?

More and more people are seeking other alternatives to preparing their own meals. Have a look in the grocery store: the butcher counter now provides "heat-n-eat" meats for people on the go, frozen dinner aisles take up a fifth of the entire grocery store! (And those frozen dinners—have you ever read the ingredients list? What plant or animal does some of that stuff come from?)

This is why you need a Personal Chef! And that's what we do! 

Our Personal Chef's will:

  • Plan your menus exactly according to your tastes.
  • Do all the shopping at the grocery store.
  • Professionally prepare your meals in your kitchen.
  • Store all your meals in your refrigerator or freezer, labeled with heating instructions.
  • Clean up your kitchen—spotless!

Leaving you with more time to live your own busy life without compromising your health with fast foods or frozen dinners! For a list of frequently asked questions please click here. To see how the service works please.


Our Commitment

Catering To Your Whims... is dedicated to providing customized Personal Chef, Menu Consulting, In-Home Catering, Personal Cooking Lessons and Other services for an exceptional price.

Your dedicated personal chef will begin by learning about your tastes and dietary needs through the completion of a Client Assessment Outline. Each menu will be Catered To Your Whims based on this assessment. No two Catering To Your Whims clients are alike, so neither are our menus!

Your Chef will then shop for the ingredients for the agreed upon menu selections. Only the freshest ingredients, with no added preservatives are selected

Our individual or family style meals are then prepared in your home with Catering To Your Whims... professional equipment.

In today’s fast paced world, Catering To Your Whims... provides a delicious and healthful solution to mealtimes!



Our Staff of Profesionals

Our Personal Chef Services meet the needs of busy, time pressed or health conscious consumers which include busy families, career-oriented singles, new moms, active seniors or anyone else who simply enjoys great food! Full service costs about as much as most households spend on groceries and restaurant meals, without harmful preservatives. Ask about our diet and weight management programs. We want to help you meet your lifestyle goals! Clients enjoy the comforts of dining in their own home without a hassle. We leave your kitchen spotlessly clean, your refrigerator full of delicious meals and You with more free time to enjoy your life!

Love to cook or just entertain? Our Menu Consulting or In-Home Catering and Party Planning Services will make cooking or entertaining even more enjoyable. Our Menu Consulting services include in-home cooking classes. Our Personal Chefs will train you, in the privacy of your own home, to create menus and meals to help you establish a healthful, gourmet or simply time saving style of eating! Our In-Home Catering and Party Planning services also include full service in which, we will do all of the prep work, so all you have to do is the fun work - enjoying your guest and the party!


Catering Bookings for guest of 50 people or less only!!!

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